Creative Pilgrimage:  Weekend Workshop
to Nov 10

Creative Pilgrimage: Weekend Workshop

Seeking Inspiration, Evaluating Options, + Accessing Creative Flow.

How do you come up with new ideas for your work or art career? How do you tap into that deep well of inspiration –especially when you aren’t necessarily feeling it? How do you know what you should work on next?

Maybe you have an idea for a new project or a new series where you want to try working with a new medium.  Or maybe you’re just getting into creating art or writing and you don’t know how to organize your life around it.

In this weekend workshop, you will learn powerful tools to develop your creativity and discover the next steps you need to take to align with your creative goals.

You will learn simple meditation techniques that help settle the mind in preparation for creative flow. This meditation practice–which includes both sitting and moving variations–will help you train the mind to stay in the present moment. You don’t need any experience. We will explore what it means to rest in the present moment and receive creative insights.

Then we will focus on identifying our most inspiring ideas, as well as the obstacles that prevent us from hearing their call. We’ll engage in various group interactions and exercises to help spark new ideas. You’ll take away an outline of a plan for your new project or series and a list of new ideas to explore further.

Whether you’re working on developing a new work of art or laying out your goals for the next year, you’ll discover what your priorities are as well as a concrete plan of action.

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Creativity Retreat: Unveil the Hidden Source of Healing + Creativity | Thailand March 2019
to Mar 9

Creativity Retreat: Unveil the Hidden Source of Healing + Creativity | Thailand March 2019

Drawing on images from the natural world, dreams, and through your own practice, you’ll be guided on a journey to dive deep into the creative process, which is part of healing. No prior experience of any type is required. Any creative work we do is purely for self-discovery, and to tap into that reservoir of inspiration that helps us re-imagine our place in the world, and re-align if necessary.

Daily practice also includes gentle yoga techniques to prime the body and settle the mind in order to be more receptive to the creative voice.

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Featured Artist: Pinon Realty, Salida
to Feb 1

Featured Artist: Pinon Realty, Salida

My art will be on display at Pinon Real Estate Group Offices from Dec 1 - Feb 28. There will be two receptions! One on Friday Dec 1 for the Pinon Realty yearly Open House, and an artist reception for the show on Saturday of Feb 10, 5-7.

This will be a (mostly) new collection of work I've completed in the past year--encaustic monotypes on paper, encaustic wax paintings on wood panels (like the image below) and a new venture for me: several large (6 ft x 4 ft) acrylic canvases. 

Come join us for the receptions, or get a preview here on my Instagram account.

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