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Kim Roberts, MA

While earning a Master’s degree in Psychology from Naropa University Kim was inspired by the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and discovered Buddhist meditation. She discovered the encaustic medium in 2015 and dropped everything to pursue making art.

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Kim spent spent the better part of 15 years living in South and Southeast Asia leading retreats that offered contemplative practice, psychology and creative writing as tools for personal growth. While painting has always been part of her personal practice, she committed to the process when she discovered the encaustic wax medium.  

Kim is also the author of Toward A Secret Sky: A Guide To The Art Of Pilgrimage (Dover).  Her work has also appeared in The Sun, Shambhala SunLevekunst, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal and Namaskar, a yoga magazine based in Hong Kong.

Kim currently lives in Denver, Colorado.