The Finished Product by Kim Roberts

Three years ago, when I discovered the encaustic wax medium, it changed my life. I know that sounds drastic, but I fell in love so quickly with this process of encaustic wax monotypes, that I pretty much stopped everything else. It has taken me a while to refine the process and adapt my own style of presentation. I'm sure this is an ongoing process. But at the end of my last solo exhibit (I have had 3 in the last 3 years) I had to take a moment and reflect on how far I have come since that first day.


A Short Breather... by Kim Roberts

From the show in Salida that ended last week. I'm taking a short break from working in the studio and on the road. Will be posting sketches of my travels through SE Asia shortly....

Composition Number 32.jpg

Artist Reception at Pinon Real Estate, Salida by Kim Roberts

Despite a blizzard (that arrived just as I was to drive over Poncha Pass to get to the gallery) we had a lovely reception last weekend to celebrate the closing of my show in Salida. So it was small and sweet. To be honest I prefer small gatherings so you can actually talk to people, and I was grateful for the support of a few local artists who showed up. And there were a couple of sales, which sweetened the evening even more.