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I’m fascinated by the ever-changing moods of the natural world. Evolution happens moment by moment and is in constant flux. At any point along the evolutionary journey we find ourselves in new circumstances. How we read, and thus respond to the changing seasons defines the flavor of each moment—and the quality of our lives.

Through the contrast of light and dark, warm or cold, loud or quiet, harmonious or chaotic, I get an intuitive feeling about what’s in front of my eyes. I see, but also feel the evolution of time through the natural world around me.

The patterns of nature are constant and reliable, despite appearances in the phenomenal world. I try to capture the ineffable quality of continuity behind the changing manifestations.

Having spent much of my adult life as an expat in South Asia, I’ve seen how art connects us to each other in a way that transcends culture. Living in a foreign country reinforces universal themes of what it means to be human, and also presents a unique view into our differences.

Whereas concepts are finite and static, art is infinite and fluid. It mirrors consciousness and invites a dialogue with a larger understanding of the world. Both artist and viewer/experiencer are transformed in the interaction. Relationship is born. My hope is to convey how art is a bridge to this experience of mind that connects us with something larger than ourselves and encourages us to realize that we are not alone.