For some, the holiday season is the highlight of the year, when you get together with family and friends for a fancy celebration of life.

For others, it’s the hardest time of year, and a major accomplishment to get through it unscathed.

For most of us, it’s a combo platter: equal parts wonderful and challenging.

Here’s a little duo to help get you through the madness to the joy: 2 mini-courses, with guidance and support to be your helping hand through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Both courses include a guided meditations, journaling exercises and tips for working with the emotional baggage that often accompanies intensive time with extended family. There’s no shame in needing support—we all have our wounds from childhood that easily stalk us at family gatherings.

Treat yourself well this holiday season. Allow me to help. Click on each program to read more about them.

You don’t need anything except a computer or a smartphone to access the materials. Consists of downloadable audio and text files.

Once you enter your payment details (through a secure gateway right here on the website) you’ll get an email with a password so that you can access the page where the materials are located. You’ll be able to download all materials for future use for as long as you like.

Both programs are available for purchase now. The Self-Care + Survival Kit is available for download now.

The New Year’s Intention Setting Kit will be delivered by Thursday December 27, at 9 a.m. Mountain time.