Accountability by Kim Roberts

Nothing like a committment to light a fire under you. It is so easy to just let things slide when you think no one is watching. I am guilty.

I've been so focused on where I think I'm headed as an artist that I have essentially ignored the day-to-day tasks that make me one in the first place. How can I call myself an artist if I am not showing my art? Art without an audience is not really art.

So after a long, lazy, blissfully ignorant sabbatical, (where I did, in fact, create a lot of work)  I am back on the blog, sharing it.

Southwest, encaustic wax monotype on paper, 22 x 28 in. $375 unframed

Southwest, encaustic wax monotype on paper, 22 x 28 in. $375 unframed

New Works On New Paper by Kim Roberts

A few months ago while I was in Nepal, I discovered an incredible paper source and lugged home an entire ream of exquisite handmade rice paper. Here is one of the first attempts at using it for monotype.

All The Things.jpg

Artist Date by Kim Roberts

One of my favorite things in life is going to experience an exhibit by a great artist. One of my other favorite things is to eat my lunch in the park. Add them together and you have a day made in heaven. Denver Botanical Gardens currently has a lovely show of Alexander Calder sculptures hidden around the spring blossoms and peaceful ponds. Go get yourself a sandwich and take a stroll.