A transformational journey is not always to a specific destination on the map. Transformation is a journey in itself.

My own spiritual journey over the last 25 years has led me to the making of art. While earning an M.A. Psychology at Naropa University I discovered yoga and meditation practice. I became obsessed and ended up travelling the world teaching Ashtanga yoga.

I am fascinated by the study of consciousness. My work as a psychotherapist allowed me to observe how a confused mind can gain clarity and insight through simple awareness. My original obsession with Ashtanga yoga was the result of experiencing first hand--as well as witnessing in my students—the transformation of mind that happens by working with body, breath and awareness. Later my commitment to Buddhist meditation refined these results.

While working with these various modalities to access higher consciousness, I travelled the globe, living in South and Southeast Asia for over a decade. Travel provides its own expansion of consciousness as cultural beliefs are transformed. At a certain point it dawned on me that once you access a deeper consciousness through yoga or meditation practice, psychotherapy or travel, the only natural thing is to express what you’ve experienced. Art is the expression of consciousness.

While I’ve painted my whole life, it was only when I discovered the encaustic wax medium that making art became my focus.

KimRobertsHeadshot2017 copy.jpg

Check out this talk I gave at Shumei, where I demonstrate the encaustic monotype process.